NVBA Meetings

Come join us for great speakers and presentations on all aspects of beekeeping, from hive management to the best flowers to grow for pollen and nectar. Meetings are open to the public.

We generally meet every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at: 

Mason District Government Center 

6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

If you have suggestions for meeting programs please contact our Program Chair.

Upcoming events

    • 30 Apr 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Mason District Government Center

     Dr. Samuel Ramsey, USDA, Beltsville Maryland, is reknown for his work which discovered that the Varroa Destructor mite feeds off the bee larvae fat bodies rather than their blood. Dr. Ramsey is energetic and passionate about defeating the VD and will discuss his current research to prevent the newest menace - the smaller, faster and prolific Tropilalax mite.

    7:00pm Meeting

    Mason District Government Center

    6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

Past events

26 Mar 2019 March NVBA Meeting - Steve Rapasky - Swarm Management
26 Feb 2019 February NVBA Meeting - Ms Swathi Veerialli - Lotions & Potions, Mr. John Orr - Fight the Bite and NVBA Budget presentation
29 Jan 2019 Jan 29 Mtg Cancelled due to Inclement Weather!! We hope to reschedule Dr Ramsey!
29 Nov 2018 November NVBA Meeting - Parks Talley - “Hives the Warm Way” and using a Snelgrove board to prevent swarming
25 Oct 2018 October NVBA Meeting - Note Thursday date!! - Bob Wellemeyer - wax products
25 Sep 2018 September NVBA Meeting - Swathi Veeravalli - making lotions and products from the hive
28 Aug 2018 August NVBA Meeting -
24 Jul 2018 July - No NVBA Meeting!!
26 Jun 2018 June NVBA Meeting - Varroa Mite Testing and Treatment - Tim Schuler
22 May 2018 May NVBA Meeting - All about Raising Russian Bees - Richland Honey Bees
24 Apr 2018 April NVBA Meeting
27 Mar 2018 March NVBA Meeting - Margaret Chatham - Blooms for Bees: Providing Pollen and Nectar Beyond the Spring and Beth McClelland - Hive Inspections
27 Feb 2018 February NVBA Meeting - Brenda Kiessling - Raising Osmia (orchard bees)- VOTING for NVBA Board of Directors
23 Jan 2018 January NVBA Meeting - Mike Church, Late Winter - Early Spring Hive Management
07 Dec 2017 December NVBA Meeting - Dr. Jay Evans - Bee Research Lab
14 Nov 2017 November NVBA Meeting - Note the earlier date!! Dr. Nancy Ostiguy
26 Sep 2017 September NVBA Meeting Dr. Kirsten Traynor - Varroa: Bilogy, Control and Virus Transmission
22 Aug 2017 August NVBA Meeting - Getting Ready for Winter - Bruce Jackabon
25 Jul 2017 July - No NVBA Meeting!!
27 Jun 2017 June NVBA Meeting Kelly Kulhanek from U of MD Entomology
23 May 2017 May NVBA Meeting with Bill Bundy
25 Apr 2017 April NVBA Meeting - Impromptu questions and answers on hive management
28 Mar 2017 March NVBA Meeting - Open Board of Directors Meeting
08 Mar 2017 Dewey Caron - Some Good News about Bees!
28 Feb 2017 February NVBA Meeting - Maggie Mills - Products of the Hive ..... Hands On: Dead Out Analysis
24 Jan 2017 January NVBA Meeting - Winter Feeding

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